We are a Canadian based start-up and small business professional service provider firm.

Ferno Group from .

Entrepreneurs, start-up companies and small businesses, you can achieve your goals with the help of our team of professionals. Stop relying on Google search results, Yellow Pages or other questionable sources and leave the professional job to professionals. 
Our services include:

Legal services: Our qualified and experienced lawyer and paralegal assist you to establish your business and answer your legal questions and other business concerns.

Financial and accounting: Our seasoned accountant and bookkeeper, who understand your business plan and your goals, take care of all your accounting and financial needs.

► Business consultation: Our business experts with years of industry experience assist you throughout your business journey.

► Marketing services: Our talented marketing team that understands your business strategy provides world-class marketing and advertising services.

Web development: Our team of web designers, technology experts and programmers create a strong on-line presence.

Avoid the hassle of trying to find these people on your own. FERNO Group is a ONE STOP professional firm providing all the services that a start-up or small business needs to start or expand their business faster, more efficiently and with no hassle.

Many individual service providers do not communicate with each other. FERNO Group has gathered THE BEST service providers in one place to serve you better.

A team of experts will be assigned to your business to make sure things go smoothly so you can focus on the core business. Please note that our service fees are NOT more expensive than engaging service providers separately.

You can choose the full start-up package that includes all the services that a new business would need to start quickly, efficiently and at reasonable costs; or you can choose to hire us only for a particular service that you require. Choose as you need; pay as you use.

If you are starting up a new company, we will assist you with all the services to set up your business quickly and efficiently. From financing to legal work to web design, we will help you with all your business needs. Ferno Group is your ONE STOP SHOP to get your business up and running.Read more

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If you have started your own business but require ongoing support to make sure your business progresses smoothly, we will help you from A to Z. If you are planning to expand your existing business, we are your ONE STOP SHOP for business services. Read more

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Are you new at running a business? Do you have a specific question or need help regarding "Legal matters", "Finance and taxes", "Marketing", "Web design and technology", "Financial plans", "Fund raising"? We are here to help with all your business enquiries. Read more

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